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People make a subconcious decision about a person, product or environment within 90 seconds of initial viewing

62-90% is based on COLOUR ALONE
— Institute of Colour Research



make colour work for you

Learning about our colour is not just about the right dress or lipstick but knowing that the colours you wear are a powerful tool to evoke emotions in the people you meet and communicate the heart of your brand

Colour plays more a part of your brand communication than you think.

music & Entertainment

A good music ARTIST will paint  pictures on the souls of their  listeners

A good actor  will communicate the heart of the dramatic piece and connect  emotionally with their audience.

Taking time to understand the different aspects of your style -both in colour and design is a powerful yet simple  tool to help you  connect more successfully with those you seek to inspire and entertain.

make colour "work" for you!


Knowing what looks good on screen  is a skill. As a visual communicator it is important not to detract from what you want the audience to hear. A sloppy collar, wrong fabric, dull colour choices. All can detract from what you want the audience to hear and minimize your visual impact.

Always  harmonize your personal presentation in both style and colour to project your desired image and keep your audience engaged and believing in "the whole package"

make colour "work" for you!